Topiramate: A Short Story

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Pain is like an addicting drug, a controlling, ugly, monster. Something that can pull us away from the important things in life. Fear often comes along with pain like a black cloud that follows us around and rains on us. It creates a hungry ocean that swallows us and pushes us to the floor, until we learn to overcome the fear, until we get stronger, and we are no longer afraid. At some point in everyone’s life we will all be at the bottom of the ocean floor just struggling to stay afloat, but when we overcome the pain and fear it is the best feeling in the world.
I don’t have an exact date or reason on when or why the migraines started. I hadn’t had an injury to cause them, not yet anyways. As the year went on every week they would get worse,
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It started to work when I got up to about 75 mg. I had been on the full dosage for about 2 weeks when I had noticed that my vision was starting to get blurry and very hard for me to read. I thought it was just allergies, so I didn’t say anything to my mom. Finally, after a week of getting worse and to the point where I probably shouldn’t have been driving; I told her. Dr. Mac took me off the medicine immediately. Over the next 6 months I was on 4 different medicines. All of which affected my mood, concentration, and actions. None of them worked and we were kind at the end of the road with major medicines.
We went up for another appointment to see what else there was that we could do. He suggested on doing the Occipital Nerve Block Treatment. At first I thought there was no way I was going to let someone put a needle in the back of my head and inject numbing medicine all around my nerves. Finally, after a week of thinking about it, I decided that I was tired of taking pills, missing events, and always having pain. I researched and researched these shots, looking at side effects, how they helped people, what the process was. To be honest I was probably a little crazy to actually decide to go through with
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Dr. Grimm, the one who would do the shots, walked through all of the side effects, the process, and how I would feel in the next week. When I was mentally prepared to go through with this, I sat face down on a pillow. She found the 2 of my nerves on the back of head where the shots would go, cleaned them very and then marked them with a sharpie. She then told me to take some deep breaths in as she was filling the syringes. It felt like forever before she started, but it was only a couple of minutes. I felt the needle poke through my skin and thought to myself, “This isn’t so bad.” Then I felt the pressure of the 2 cc filling up the little bit of space that I had there. She twisted the need 90 degrees so that the medicine would surround my nerve. Then on to the next one. I thought that this couldn’t be over soon enough. The pain these shots caused was unreal, but one the needle was out of my head it was just the pressure I could feel. For the rest of the day the whole back of my head was numb- probably one of the oddest feelings in the world. I couldn’t feel my hair, or if I was touching it or anything. I told myself that day I was never going to do those