Topology: Twisted Pair and Copper Vs Fiber-optic Essay

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Devon Todd
Copper VS Fiber-Optic
Unit 4

Cables have shaped the way for all machines ever since they were first invented. Without the cables there would be no way for the computer to have power or be able to communicate to other machines. You wouldn’t be able to connect to the internet without cables. Today there are two primary cables used today there is either the fiber optic cable or the copper cable both have their strengths other have their weaknesses. But sometimes there are things that they both can do.
Copper cables are less expensive by foot than fiber optic so they are more used in jobs where a lot of cables are called for. But being the cheapest doesn’t mean that it is the most reliable their longest range is 100 feet. They are more commonly used in cables that are connected to circuit breakers and general cables connecting each other. Copper wires run in two different forms' one is UTP (unshielded twisted pair and STP (shielded twisted pair). UTP is used for when there is construction while the other is used as communication cables.
As for the second kind cable would be the fiber optic cables which are primarily used as TV cables more or less coaxial which is the cables that connect to the TV for cable. The main difference between copper and fiber optic is that they are not only more expensive but they are made up inside with a very thin and flexible piece of glass or plastic. Fiber optic is what is used for cables that are more long ranged…