Toronto and Harwood Bus Terminal Essay

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I’m really sorry to have missed seeing you this summer. Based on what you said in your most recent letter to me, you have been struggling to find Kaija a suitable place to live while she’s attending school in Toronto. I have an idea about how to solve that and was wondering what you think of it.

Brent and James, as you know, are living in my finished basement apartment and have been doing so for the last 10 months. But, according to Dave, Brent has recently become interested in moving out to a house of his own in Ajax. In order to do that though, he has to sell his existing house in Oshawa. This house is currently being rented to a tenant who doesn’t pay her rent on time, if at all, and he is trying to get her out. Meanwhile, he’s got his house up for sale of his house in Oshawa.

What I was thinking (and I told this to Dave too) is that it would be a great idea if Kaija could move into my basement apartment while she’s going to school, after Brent and James moves out. It’s got its own fridge and stove (all new), but we would have to get some furniture for the place when they move out. Also, I would have to charge Kaija some rent and 1/3 of the utilities per month. The rent I would charge her would be $350.00 per month and the utilities would include gas, hydro and water, plus any Rogers cable/ Internet access costs she might want for herself.

The main disadvantage for her would have to be travel back and forth to downtown Toronto, but the go train goes directly from Ajax Go station to Union Go station downtown