Narrative Essay About A Visit To Prison

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Garrison Hall
Richard Davis
English 1301
16, November 2013
Time Served
The morning I went to jail for the first time, started off just as any other day. I suppose it is needless to say it involved illegal activities. It was a cold Thursday morning in November. My friend, Zack Jackson, had texted me the night before asking for a ride. After exchanging a few more texts we reached a unanimous decision to smoke three joints before school. So, I show up to his house, ready with my two joints rolled. In the house, Zack and his mom are yelling at each other about something; like I said, it started just the same as every morning. After they finish their battle over the dishes being dirty or not, Zack and I begin to leave for school. Rounding the corner of Zack's street, he lights up his joint, and I do the same with mine. This is also where we make our first mistake, neither one of us remembered to roll down the windows. However, we proceed to carry out the agreement of the night before, and finish the three joints, with the windows up. My second mistake was forgetting to throw out the joint roaches. One should never leave evidence, especially on their way to school. Zack and I walked in, and he went off to his class. I walked in to my class rather late, but rather careless. I was late half the time anyway. Nothing was any different from any other day. I got a friendly greeting from my teacher, Mr. Campbell, “Late again are we Mr. Hall? That is the second time in three days.” I replied, “Oh, Mr. Campbell, I'm so sorry! My alarm clock didn’t go off for some reason.” I continued to give him my regular apologies, and assurance of change. After all that was handled I went and sat in my desk, and started the worksheet we were doing that day. No one seemed to notice anything odd, however one girl did mention something about me smelling funny. I brushed the comment aside though, because she is always saying I do not smell good. The rest of the class went off without a hitch, just like it always does. However, the exciting part of my day was yet to come. The intrigue really began second period. A few minutes in to class a girl that knew Zack always rode to school with me asked me why he was in the office. When she said that, my heart began to race ever so slightly. Hearing that was bad for a couple of reasons, one, because it is never good to hear that your friend is in the office; two, we had smoked before, and I still had roaches in my car, like an idiot. So there I am. Just sitting in algebra, thinking of all the worst possible possibilities, when sure enough, there is a knock on the door. My principal, Dr. Brown did not even wait for someone to open the door. He tore through, stared right at me, and gave the two finger point. I, being a relatively sensible person, knew exactly what was going on. In that very moment, I began to feel something I had never really felt, I was extremely scared. In fact scared does not quite do the feeling justice. It was the feeling of terror, pure terror. I knew I was going to be going to jail any minute. Then something I was not quite expecting happened, the feeling of terror was replaced by something quite different. Indifference. In the back of my head, I was thinking, “oh well, I knew it was going to happen sometime”. Despite the fact that I should be scared of my impending doom, and years of punishment from my parents, I really was not too worried about anything. Dr. Brown takes me out in to the hall and begins to ask all sorts of questions, like how I got to school, who I came with, what we did. Eventually, after searching my bag, and patting me down Dr. Brown asks to search my car, and I felt trapped. I had no option but to let him search it, where I knew he would find the weed. The walk to my car