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Torture is a crime

Torture has been around for thousands of years. Torture was used during the medieval period, the romans used torture, and even the Chinese have used torture in extracting valuable information from captured inmates or prisoners of war. Virtually every known governmental society has, in one way or another, used torture to get what they need. In recent years, torture by government or employees that work for the government has come under fire, exposing pictures and videos of torturous activity. I feel that torture by government is wrong, inhumane, and a slippery slope.
Torture can be a very slippery slope because there are many issues that may arise from such acts. The issue of torture being inflicted upon a person to obtain information for any purpose is a crime, and is illegal under international law and violates Human Rights. More common issues that might arise are: what was the deciding factor that pointed to the implementation of torture? Meaning what did that person do or say, that would be a just cause for such a horrid act. One might also question where the line would be drawn? Or, would there even be a line? During torture, the lines of right and wrong can be easily blurred, the person committing the acts might feel that they are on to something and the person is about to talk, while others might see the act being carried out has been taken too far. These are all good questions to ask when a case of torture shows up in the media or the press, but there is no easy answer. Many people being asked to answer such questions will usually find themselves in hot water in no time.
Aside from being a slippery slope, torture is inhuman. Torture, weather physical or psychological, is damaging to the human body. While physical wounds may heal over time, the mental effects can last a lifetime. Victims of torture can have flashbacks, PTSD, insomnia, and many other problems years after the event took place with little or no hope of making a full recovery, and transitioning back to normal life. Torture