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Interactive Classroom is a classroom that school organization can use to get a better response in learning. The Interactive Classroom replaces pencils, papers, and other school resources used today. When you use the Interactive Classroom teachers and students get involved more because it’s easier, efficient, and fun. The classroom is set up like a normal classroom with chairs, desk, and a board. The only difference is that the desks and boards are smart computers. They are all wirelessly connected. If a teacher were to assign class work instead of passing out papers they can just hit a button on the computer, desk, or board and it will appear on the student’s desk. Also the teacher will be able to monitor and grade the student’s assignments as soon as their done. No more late night work and inaccurate grading. Interactive Classroom is a new age of technology for students and teachers.

Present Technology
Technology is advancing as our generation discovers new ways to make life easier. The foundation of future generation is education. As we still think about ways to bring forth a better environment for the school system. Companies have already thought of how we can make an effort to change things now. ActivBoard 500 Pro is Promethean World’s new interactive whiteboard. This interactive whiteboard is being used currently in school organizations. The ActivBoard 500 is a multi-touch and pen related whiteboard that allows up to four students to work at the same time collaboratively. It allows teachers to access over 50,000 free online resources to enhance learning. ActivBoard 500 has software called ActivOffice that offers a plug in for PowerPoint. The ActivBoard has a port for an USB so users can share and view assignments, work, and projects on a computer. It works with Windows, Mac, and Linux; but, it doesn’t let any other devices connect to it like a tablet or an iPod. Although, ActivBoard 500 has contributed greatly to education, it does not allow the whole classroom to become involved in the lesson simultaneously. Interactive Classroom uses multi-touch technology exclusively. It doesn’t need a pen like the ActivBoard because students and teachers are able to interact with board by touching, speaking, and sound. When you touch the board it automatically senses your movement and can develop a connection with the user. It also connected to unlimited resources that are built in with the system. Interactive Classroom has a camera that focuses on the emotion of each student to see if they are understand and enjoy lessons. This helps instructors learn more about their students and how they learn. If an instructor were to gather all of this information then she can change her lesson plan to meet the requirements of her students and the agenda. Interactive Classroom is wirelessly connected so each device can be connected without cables and wires. It also has a chip that lets it connect to a satellite that searches globally to see if any other devices are being used; meaning that classrooms from India could be connected to classroom in Florida. When teachers need to leave a customize lesson plan for a substitute Interactive Classroom will handle all of the assignments. The teacher would be able to give specific orders and it will go step by step for the substitute and students to understand the lesson plan left by the instructor. ActivBoard 500 uses a projector to display all of the images; well I will use a digital screen that images appear. The software that Interactive Classroom uses is similar to what we use for our smart phones. Interactive Classroom is better than ActivBoard 500 because it lets everyone get involved in the classroom.

Classrooms have been used by the ancient Greeks, Chinese, Indians, and Egyptians for thousands of years. The classes usually consisted of students from different age groups. It wasn’t until 425 AD when the Byzantine Empire created…