Tough Decisoions Essay

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Tough Decisions

“I have no idea what I am going to do about this situation. Choosing a college that best fits me is harder then what I ever thought it would be!” says Lawrence Lisby, a graduating senior to a room full of his closes friends. Making the correct choice of which Historically Black University or College has always been a major choice for Lawrence. Coming from a family that has a rich history with HBCU’s, he has always felt that he needed to advance the legacy. “It’s a few months from graduation and Im stuck on my three top universities Morehouse University, Howard University and Lincoln University (PA).” All of them have something that he likes and feels will fit his goals for his progression in higher learning, so Lawrence decides to visit all of his potential choices to see what fits him best.

Starting his college touring with Morehouse University, Lawrence decides to travel to Atlanta, Ga. Arriving at the university, Lawrence feels the energy of being on a campus of a HBCU. “ I feel like Im walking in history!” he says to the tour guide as they look around a historical room at pictures of all the university’s famous graduates. “Being in this type of environment further lets me know that I was meant to be a college man, but I don’t think I like that I will be so far from my family and friends.” Lawrence says to himself and the tour guide. He continues to look around at the campus as he walks to the vehicle he arrived in and gives Morehouse one last glance before departing to his next college, which is Howard University.

“Howard University is said to be one HBCU’s in the country as far as students and the campus.” Lawrence says to himself as he drives to Washington DC for his next campus tour. Once he arrived he is welcomed to a city environment and he feels like this might be the best fit because it feels like the place he is from. Greeted by the banners and the band playing music Lawrence became excited from his first impression with Howard Univ. But as the tour moved on Lawrence noticed that the campus was very open and impersonal, so his quick first impression slowly began to change as the tour proceeded. “Well at least I was excited in the beginning of my time on the campus.” Lawrence says to one of the other members of his group tour and they share a light laugh. As the tour came to