Tough Guise 2

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Angelina Ngo
Social Change
Professor Santos
12 February 2015 Free Write Assignment: Tough Guise 2
In Tough Guise 2, Jackson Katz talks about how men seem to have this unspoken rule of having to put up a front in order to appear tough or unbreakable in today's society. Because of pressures like this, sometimes it causes men to react a certain way; in rather unproductive ways which would ultimately be harmful to those who surround them. Basically, what it means to be a man With all of that going, I feel like that's exactly what's wrong with today's society and what it promotes to the many of millions of people that inhabit this country. We live in a country that is practically based on looks, appearances, and make us strive to be something that we aren't and it takes away our individuality, and I don’t even think "society" even realizes the different types of messages people can interpret just from the various points of view everyone holds.
Jackson Katz not only talks about the pressures of men to appear dominant but how they contribute to the majority of crimes that are committed and that the reason behind this statistic is because of environmental and even biological factors. Personally, this kind of issue is one that hits home because my own brother has experienced the problems that are well described in Katzs' "Tough Gusise 2". My father is a very strict man and he, being my older brother, my dad was always tougher on him. He would always yell, hit, and punish my brother as he was growing up and eventually that took a toll on him. When one is told not to cry or show emotion for the sole reason of being a boy, I feel that really takes the humanity out of someone and I'm sure my brother felt the same way. Over time, he grew more depressed, distant, and he often found ways to not be