Tough Guise 2 Abridged Version: Dramaturgical Analysis Process

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“Dramaturgical analysis is the study of social interaction in terms of theoretical performance;” people change the way they want to be perceived based on the social environment (Lecture notes, Chapter 4). It is typical when one is front stage, or being watched by their social groups, to use impression management to alter how they want to be perceived (Lecture notes, Chapter 4). According to the video, Tough Guise 2 Abridged Version, men use impression management to be portrayed as masculine because of the traditional perception of manhood (Video). For instance, in the movie, The Wizard of Oz, the wizard uses a device to enhance his identity to make him the great, powerful Oz when behind the curtain he is actually a normal old man (Video). Most men follow this same pattern …show more content…
Most men’s backstage consists of feelings of compassion, fear, and vulnerability but would never put these feeling in their front stage because the American society values the traditional roles of men (Video). Furthermore, when men let their emotional side become present in their front stange, often results with society putting them down. For example, in the the film, Shark Tank, a shark decides to be a vegetarian because he is not okay with killing other fish for food, which makes him a social outcast instead of a brave shark who stands up for what he believes in (Video). This is a continuous theme in the American society where boys become outcast from their peers because they are statistically deviant resulting in violence to gain power, dominance, and respect (Video). Examples of this are the devastating school shootings where the outcast get revenge and become “gutsy and daring” to ultimately prove they are manly (Video). The dramaturgical analysis of men is directly associated with the American society social norms about