Tough Guise 2 Video Analysis

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Roles of Expectation This papers’ purpose is to state how the videos “Tough Guise 2” by Jackson Katz, “Killing us softly 4: advertising’s image of women” by Jean Kilbourne, and the article Surrendering solidarity: Considering the relationships among female correctional officers by Nicole E. Rader demonstrate gender roles of expectation. All of these portray how men and women have roles of expectations to fulfill due to their gender. The videos were educational to watch because they were able to demonstrate how men and women are affected through media and people to be a manly man or a pretty woman. Katz, J. (2013) portrays how men are more violent and how when people talk about violence they instantly assume a male is involved. As well as how when don’t be violent, they are becoming too feminine like …show more content…
It is fact that men commit more violent acts than women do, and Kratz attempts to explain this by discussing how men are bullied when they do not act out and be manly when given the opportunity. For the most part violence is a men’s issue; 86% armed robbery, 87% domestic violence, 61 of the last 62 shootings were all men (Kratz, 2013). Men are bullied into becoming violent physically through other people and as well as mentally through the media. Boys are taught that being a man is about domination, power, aggression and control and expected to be tough guys or risk being ashamed (Kratz, 2013). By being aggressive and violent, they are acting how they believe a man is meant to be. This is key to recognize because it is a prime example of gender role expectations. Men are thought to be strong figures and Kratz explains how media and other people influence boys and men into being violent in order to be more