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Development of Tourism Act - 25 Jul 1969
An Act to provide for the establishment of a British Tourist Authority and Tourist Boards for England, Scotland and Wales. The act's aims were to co-ordinate all the organisations that make up the tourism sector and provide it with a single voice.
Transport Act - 30 Jun 1980
An Act that ended licensing regulations affected express coach routes and tours of over 30 miles.
Transport Act - 30 Oct 1985
This Act brought about wholesale deregulation which meant private companies could operate on any route such as British Coachways.
Package Tours Regulations - 23 Dec 1992
Since 1992 all UK tour operators offering package holidays have been subject to the Package Travel Regulations which set out the tour operators responsibilities to their customers. These regulations were set out tour operators (and other travel organisers') responsibilities, and what consumers can do if they have a problem.
Channel Tunnel - 6 May 1994
The channel tunnel is between France and England to encourage continental neighbours to visit the UK without travelling by flight. Work began in 1987 and its final cost exceeded £10 billion with ten major British and French construction companies were involved in the building of the tunnel, known as the 'TransManche Link'. easyJet - 20 Feb 1995
In 1995, easyJet launched a low-cost airline offering two routes from Luton to Glasglow and Edinburg.
Tourism Strategy - 5 Mar 1999
A growth industry for the new millennium, to encourage holidays to traditional seaside resorts by offering cheap holiday packages at holiday resorts such as Haven.
Super Planes - 20 Oct 2007
Singapore Airlines was the first