Tourism Agent In Canada

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Passport to Growth
The tourism is ever developing and the market has a huge impact on economic both in directly way and indirectly way. In addition, the tourism industry also crosses several diverse industries that could accelerate them developing. Particularly, Canada has a huge tourism market and lots of international arrivers, during the globalization, Canada gets tons of opportunities to show strengths. This literature gives me a general idea for the tourism industry which like a guideline for my learning process. Actually, the tourism is an overlooked asset which is supposed to prosperous industry in Canada. However, the Canadian tourism also contents some problems such as visa issue and air travel price.
For me, if I want to create a tourism agent in Canada, I should pay attention not only to the agent itself but also build partnership with the related industries. In general, building the tourism market is an integrated process that needs every industry advance at the same time. That needs government to balance funds, distribute resources, create opportunities, and constitute values, and then, look after to every industry fairly and transparently. Furthermore, in order to stimulate the international arrivers, I would like to see some travel policy benefit for the international travelers such as free tax shopping and visa-free, as I know many visitors canceled their plans because of these problems. In my opinion, the Canadian government may create some core values for the tourism industry as their slogan to advertise their features tourists. Though these ways, it will not only promote the tourism industry but also accelerate “Canadian economy bigger, stronger and more productive and competitive” (Deloitte, 2014).
Deloitte (2014). Passport to growth. How international arrivals stimulate Canadian exports. Deloitte, Canada.

Welcome to the Experience Economy
Nowadays, we entered the economy experience age. For the destinations, they are not only selling their products but also selling the experience to travelers. However, some sites do not understand this. For this reason, this literature not only introduces some characteristics for economy experience but also gives some approaches in order to reach this objective.
Before I read this literature I never thought about experience can be profitable in the tourism market. After the learning form this, I could see phenomenon though the economy experience lens. For myself, I can plan my trip in a better way in order to get rich experience. During the trip, I will use the “formula” to enhance my experience in order to make it memorable. For the tourism market, destinations can use “the four realms of an experience” (Pine & Gilmore, 1998) to offer unique services to customers.
However, the exceeding development of economy experience will change the price and demand in this industry. Sites will pay attention to the physical construction rather than emotional building which will spend lots of money and take long time. In this way, economy experience development lost its meaning. In my opinion, the quality of service will play a unique role in leading tourism industry into a new age. Obviously, the economy experience cannot rely on innovation rather than service. It is the most important thing that improving the services into a higher level makes it delicate, private, and considerate.
Pine, B. J., & Gilmore, J. H. (1998). Welcome to the experience economy. Journal of Harvard Business Review, 76(4), 97-105.

Souvenirs: Messengers of meaning
This literature states that how traveling experiences relate to souvenirs, naive traveler and experienced travels have different purpose and attitude to souvenirs. In addition, souvenirs is also a symbol of image of a culture, it can represent the core value of consumption travel experiences.
I am a collector in fridge magnet of city image. Souvenirs play an important role in my traveling and it stands a