Tourism and Example Jurassic Coast Essay

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There are about 6500 visitor attractions in the UK. These attractions are very important for domestic and inbound tourism market. There are many different types of attractions;
Natural Attractions- such as beaches, lakes and mountains. Those created themselves naturally. For example Jurassic Coast is a first UKs natural world’s heritage site, there are many visitors centres for example Beer Quarry Caves, Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre and Chesil Beach Centre. Natural attractions are very popular and tourists are very likely to pay to watch them.

Heritage Attractions- Such as museums, galleries. They have a history or tell the history. They are not built on purpose, they are old and historical. Example of that is St Martin in the Bull Ring which is an old church in Birmingham. It was built in 1290 and it is the only British church to have a dedicated member of clergy for market trader. It was rebuilt many times during to its age.

Purpose-built attractions- such as museums and theme parks. They are built on purpose to get more tourists to some place. For example Thorpe Park it is a purpose-built theme park in London. It is open only when it is warm from spring to the end of summer. And it is very busy during summer holidays as many tourists from all the parts of England and not only are coming to have fun there.

Events- such as Edinburg Festival or the Notting Hill Carnival. Those attract many visitors. Notting Hill Carnival is the largest festival