Tourism and Natural World Essay

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Adorno addresses natural beauty and the relationship that people tend to have with this phenomena. Nature has an unique relationship with man in that man has not totally conquered and domesticated the natural world. Humans make buildings and inorganic mounds that would look alien to the space above it. Society frames the relationship individuals have with the natural world, for better or worse. The experience with nature eventually lets a society integrate it within the social boarders, at least parts of the whole. He particularly zones in on bourgeois standards in relation to natural beauty. The tourist industry transformed nature into a reserve instead of letting it be free in the world. Thus the real meaning of natural beauty is tainted to something narcissistic and self serving for the individuals. In the bourgeois a person transforms from appreciating natural beauty to being fine enough to enjoy themselves in the beautiful. In organized tourism the essence of nature is manipulated to the brink of being unrecognizable to itself. Feeling nature becomes a rare privilege rather than an everyday experience. Adorno also addresses calling landscapes beautiful and how this is an insult by its confinement. Natural beauty is blind to the social confinements of bourgeois society and this is how it remains in the face of the every changing world. This part of section 68 takes some time to get clear yet this brings in an interesting argument. Tourism is a huge billion dollar industry and it reaches the domestic and international borders. Tourism introduces the element of exotic beauty---a place where nature is shaped and compiled with numerous souvenirs that are too pricy for the material they are crafted. The surplus of tourism as an industry allows others to enjoy parts of nature’s wonders within the confines of man made roadways. Yet, this can easily make someone desensitized to actual natural beauty, where the hand of man is not so evident. To appreciate something beautiful should be done in an open setting, if possible. The trees that you see every day can be appreciated just as much as the roaring sea. Nature and man have this love-hate-tolerate relationship in which you can shape it, help it, tear it down yet destroying it would essentially destroy part of yourself. Fields are chopped down, uprooted, and designed for use such as suburbs and properties. In building something manmade nature is subdued as humans gouge a wound into the planet. The hate and tolerate parts of this relationship is that if abandoned cities, suburbs, or whatever was built on top of nature will eventually become part of it again. Abandoned buildings…