Essay on Tourism: Mobile Phone and Communication

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Impacts of mobile phone use in Melbourne---Ivy
1.2 Background
Communication is a fundamental aspect of social interaction. The last decade has seen a proliferation of interpersonal communication technologies. These new forms of communication seem to change perceptions of time and place, because they enable people to participate in different interactions at one time, and to take part in interactions at distant places. Of course, the emergence of the mobile phone brought a great convenience to people, and make people’s communicate more convenient, easier and clear. Palen, Salzman and Youngs (2001, p. 121) comment, “When mobile phone users are on the phone, they are simultaneously in two spaces: the space they physically occupy, and the Presence and Embodiment in Mobile Phone Communication 20 virtual space of the conversation (the conversational space).” So that even though people were in different places, they also can communicate with each other. It has become possible, because of the birth of the mobile phone. Research which was conducted by Measures of Australia's Progress (2010) shows the relationship between the Australian child and the mobile phone. It also states that more and more children have their own mobile phone. However, it has some problem with children who use a mobile phone. For example, children play with mobile phone in class; it has serious impact on the students’ study and occupied children’s learning time. Consequently, while mobile phone is a great convenience to people, but also takes some problem with people.

Multicultural communication in Melbourne---Sandra
1.2 Background
Australia is a wonderful country which has a non-discriminatory immigration policy, which means people’s dream of applying to migrate come true, regardless of their ethnic, origin, gender, race or religion (2001, p.2). In other word, Australia is not only one country but also two worlds: cities that teem with ethnic diversity and regions, which just like the metropolitan melting pot (Walker 2002, p.2). Hence, the multicultural communication in bustling city such as Melbourne is a common phenomenon. Those who have successful business skills and significant capital, contributes greatly to economic development of Melbourne. However, in terms of communication with foreign speakers, we could find some problems obviously, such as could not listen clearly, or could not speak accurately. The problem in multicultural communication in Melbourne can result from a number of factors. For example, lack of understanding the language, lack of appropriate occasion or other reasons.

Different types of communication used by