Tourist Destination Essay

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In this assessment I would be analyzing the main tourist destination and generators of the world in the terms of visitor number and income generation and also be analaysing statistics to determine tourist destination. Development and predict future development will have analyzed explanation about culture, social and physical features of tourist destination. Explaining how they appeal to their tourists. In this assignment I will produce a report on tourist destination of United Kingdom and compare it with China. As well as compare what appeals the visitors like at a current leading tourist destination, and how they impact on world economy.

East needs West

International tourism
There may be several types to
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The North Sea has been an important European fishing line for some period of time, as well as a major fishery. As the border of the countries it has been popular for recreation and tourism, and over the years it has turned into a rich source of energy resources such as fossil fuels, wind and early efforts of wave-power. A large part of the European drainage basin is emptied into the North Sea including the water from the Baltic Sea. Storm Tides threaten some parts of Europe and areas of the Eastern part of England around the Wash and Fens. Storm surges are caused by changes in barometric (air) pressure combined with strong wind and wave action often causing floods around these areas.
Sea levels around the world are rising. Currently the sea-level-rise affects the population living around the coastal regions and on islands. According to a Met Office, within 40 years the climate is estimated to rise by 2 degrees Celsius in the southwest of England, so in average the highest temperature in a summer’s day will rise by about 3 degrees Celsius. The rise in temperature could lead to outdoor citrus cultivation being possible. Due to the sea levels rising the spring tides have risen over many of the regions harbour walls and an increase in sea levels by 40 cm at Newlyn. An environmental Agency has said that over the next 25 years the investment in buildings and up keeping of flood defenses need to be doubled in