Tower of London Essay

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Tower of London
For over nine centuries the Tower of London has stood guard over the city, strategically built on the north bank of the River Thames. The Tower of London has been home to many things, such as a royal palace, prison, fortress, royal mint, royal zoo, place of execution, arsenal, and jewel house. The Tower of London has seen many things and it also has it has a dark history. The Tower has harbored many prisoners, as well as royalty. Beginning in the year 1078 when the tower was built until 1941 when the last execution was held, many things have happened in the fortress. The Tower of London was built by William the Conqueror in the year 1078 after his English invasion in 1066. The Tower is best known for being a prison; its first prisoner of importance was brought in by Henry I, Bishop Ranulf Flambard in the year 1100. Not only was Flambard the first prisoner of importance, he was also the first prisoner to escape. He escaped by inviting the guards to a feast, got them drunk, then climbed out a window and down a rope. Along with Flambard, Princess Elizabeth was also a prisoner at the Tower from February to May of 1554. Elizabeth was imprisoned by her half-sister Mary. Elizabeth was imprisoned because Mary was fully convinced that she was involved with Sir Thomas Wyatt in plotting against her. Unfortunately to Mary’s dismay it became clear that there was not enough evidence to keep Elizabeth imprisoned. The notorious prison that was the Tower of London was the end to many lives. The Princes in the Tower, Guy Fawkes, Lady Jane Grey, Rudolf Hess, and Anne Boleyn were just a few of the many to be imprisoned in the famous tower to await their fate. The Princes in the Tower Edward V and Richard Duke of York, they first arrived at the tower not long after their father, Edward IV, died. They were sent to the tower because of their uncle Richard Duke of Gloucester, who then stripped them both of their royal titles. Richard proved Edwards marriage not to be valid because he did not marry the woman that was arranged for him. With Richard proving his marriage faulty he also proved the princes illegitimate. That’s when he stripped the boys of their royal titles and took the throne for himself. The boys stayed at the tower until mid-1483 when they suddenly vanished. Guy Fawkes was a soldier and revolutionary, he was imprisoned for playing a role in the Gunpowder Plot. In 1604 became entangled in a plan to assassinate King James I and other members of the government by blowing up the House of Lords. He was taken to the Tower and out in the notorious cell named “Little Ease” in this cell the prisoner can neither stand up straight nor lay down. Fawkes was heavily interrogated and tortured most likely by using “ The Rack.” eventually he gave up the names to his conspirators, he was found guilty and sentenced to hanging. He got out of being hung because he threw himself from the gallows and broke his neck. Lady Jane Grey, queen of England for nine days, her reign ended when she was met by Mary the real heir to