Elements Of Nonverbal Communication

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Discussion Question 1: Do you remember receiving a test back that you did great on, and perhaps looked up smiling? If so, then you are nonverbally communicating that you’re happy or satisfied. Nonverbal communication is a very interesting and complex part of everyday communication. “Nonverbal communication includes all aspects of communication other than words.”(Wood, 2014, p. 90) Our facial expressions, posture, eyes, mouth and body are all used when sending out cues. These cues can be positive and unfortunately negative. We are sometimes unaware of the cues that we give off, but sometimes they are intentional as well. It’s one of the most important aspects in how we interpret messages. When you take out the element of nonverbal communication it can lead to issues of misinterpretation. “Social networking via Facebook and other on-line sites and applications has emerged as an integral, pervasive, and potent means of developing, fostering, and maintaining casual, intimate, professional, and other relationships in the digital age.”(Montepare, 2014, p.410) We are dependent in many cases on the use of email, text messaging, instant messaging and other media that eliminate nonverbal elements, but not the need for it. Communicating online is not like meeting and greeting with someone in person. Emails, texts, and instant messages are usually short and direct. For example, I have personally talked to friends online several times where I will share something. Sometimes I get responses like “ok” or “yeah.” I think to myself, “That’s all you have to say?” Because online communication lacks kinesics, I am not sure if they are being rude, they don’t care, or they are just busy. “Body postures and gestures may signal whether we are open to interaction.”(Wood, 2014, p.96) Think about a time when you talked to a friend somewhere and you can tell they were slowly stepping back, constantly looking at the time or looking in a particular direction, you might ask them or just assume they are in a hurry and can’t talk much, but this element is taken away online. Online communication is unavoidable most people today, but we can still simply ask for clarification.
Nonverbal communication is very interesting, especially because it is a part of our everyday lives. “The light of the eyes rejoices the heart, and good news refreshes the bones.”(Proverbs 15:30) I believe we can look at this passage in reference to nonverbal communication in that it can appeal to our emotions, while verbal confirms our interpretations. After reading this section, I found myself paying more attention to nonverbal cues and trying