Toy and Mattel Essay

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Whistle-blower rewards
After Mattel announced recalls of toys containing lead paint in September 2007, Mattel announced another sixteen recalls from 2008 till now. The last recall was on April 24th, 2014.① As we can see, Mattel continues to be plagued with product quality.
Our group suggest Mattel found whistle-blower rewards. Every manufacturer’s employee or informed source can report any product quality issue via e-mails, letters or phone calls with evidence and product batch number to support his report. According to informer’s evidence, when Mattel confirm his report, Mattel will reward him 10% total value of relevant products. Most of all, Mattel should protect informer’s personal information.

Time limit on game app②
As we know, more and more children play game app by Ipad and smartphone nowadays. Children will get lots of fun but electronic game is harmful to their eyes. Our group suggest Mattel limit their electronic game time under two hours. When a child plays Mattel’s electronic game more than two hours, that app will display “baby, I will miss you, see you tomorrow”. And then the lock will vanish next day. In addition, Mattel can unite other kid’s game supplier to limit kid’s electronic game time. On one hand, time limit shows Mattel care children’s health. On the other hand, time limit can remind parents and children to reduce time on electronic game.

Mattel’s parents community on website
Our group suggests Mattel set up a parents’ community on their