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Company: Toyota | CORP2463 - Management and Strategy | TITLE: Individual Report |

Executive summary In recent years, there is high level of uncertainty, due to the global financial crisis that have increased the level of unemployment. Companies like Toyota, aim to hire employees with skills and knowledge, firstly as way to decrease the amount of employees needed, and secondly as a significant indicator of performance that help them to take better decisions improve their sales. One of the main problems in such companies is the ability of training the existing employees in groups, and emphasize to them the importance of appropriate behaviour and good communication between them However, if the organisation does not experience problems with its employees, there are still some aspects of consideration regarding the improvement of their skills in order to work for successful companies. Toyota considers about the satisfaction of its employees and the possible problems they may face, and tries to give them the authority of discussing freely these issues as a way to improve their skills. Nowadays, the existence of financial crisis people search for a suitable job that can satisfy their needs. Toyota is in a position that can understand the importance of employment and also gives a special concern on people with disabilities as every individual should be treated equally. One of the main aims of Toyota is to offer a healthy and safe environment for its employees, and the human resources department try to solve any of their concerns.

Scope of the report Through the years, the aspect of team work based on the behaviour and interaction of the employees has been improved in the company of Toyota. I am writing this report on behalf of Toyota in order to discuss the improvement on that scope and how these issues have been resolved since 2001. Furthermore, this report will discuss the benefits for a company of having good employees who can work in groups efficiently.
Katzenbach and Smith theory
Companies like Toyota aim to satisfy their shareholders and customers; therefore they try to have successful teams in every department to achieve this goal. According to Katzenbach and Smith theory, a successful team need to include members with free skills and all the members must have common goals, performance and resolution. Also, high-performance teams rely on the idea of supporting the results of other members that could increase their confidence, and also on the idea of facing every individual equally (Katzenbach and Smith 2000). Toyota gives the ability to employees of working together as a team and their expectation is to achieve high-performance teams to improve effectiveness. By forming teams, it is easier to follow one specific structure that allows the accomplishment of the ideas. On the other hand, working individually is beneficial as more experiments are conducted from members with different skills. However, Toyota believes that by putting together all these members with different skills, can achieve a better outcome and more efficient results If the team was compromised by many people, it is more difficult to complete the goal of the project in a successful manner (Greenberg et al, 1982). This is mainly the reason that Toyota prefers small quality g of people to perform a certain task.

Hackman & Wageman theory
Teams need to have enthusiasm and be energetic. Toyota wants to apply healthy environment in the company and give more strength to the employees. The meeting between a team of employees and the management team is very important for the process of decision-making and gives the ability to Toyota to evaluate on the necessary actions and the efficiency of the team. As it is stated by the theory of Hackman and Wageman (2005), employees’ psychology can be controlled by the existence of a good leader who is able to understand their needs and give them more confidence to work harder by the