Toyota Camry Case

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Extra Credit
Camry/Black Woman

1. I would say that this campaign is operating in an informational reference group, to inform the African American woman about the Toyota Camry.
2. The American Core values they are trying to tap in to are the African American successful woman and the reliability of purchasing a good car such as the Toyota Camry.
3. The values and aspirations that the campaign taps into are those of the African American woman and the reason why she purchases every other midsized sedan except the Toyota Camry.
4. I would have to the target market with this campaign represents the New Middle Class. The New Middle Class fits the age range of the campaign which is 25-44 and the income is about 100K or more which is the closest to the 70K range the campaign targeted.
5. I think that some African American women of the target market may have fit the message. Especially the ones who could completely identify with her and that work in fashion. I think turning it in to websisodes and giving chances to win prizes was a great idea. Who doesn’t like to win prizes and what woman doesn’t like a little drama? I’m also pretty sure that the entire African American group of women could appreciate the fact that Toyota used a black woman as the main character of promoting their car rather than your average blond haired blue eyed Barbie.
6. No, it is not. There is so much more to the young African American woman than what this campaign focuses on.
7. As a biracial African