Toyota: Lexus and Business Research Process Essay example

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Toyota Recall Improvement
Warren Johnson
Res/351 Business Research
Professor Joe Anthamatten

In previous reports, Toyota Motor Corporation in 2009 was considered one of the highly publicized recall automotive companies in the United States. Toyota estimated over 3.8 million vehicles being reported for a recall across the nation. The recall was revealed by a reported crash in California, where the accelerator by a Lexus sedan got jammed, resulting in a driver’s death (Cole, 2011). This initiated several problems for Toyota and its consumers worldwide. Management quickly took action on improving the defects in its production and recalls. According to Jones, additional reports of unattended acceleration from sticky gas pedals prompted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to pressure Toyota to recall additional vehicles and models as well. During that time, it was a very disturbing moment for such a large automotive corporation that was known as one the best in its class. They had to take action expeditiously in order to hold on to their reputable brand and product.
This management dilemma took place, needed immediate attention from upper management and executive personnel. They needed to correct this problem before their reputation caused them a decrease in their year-to-year profit. For that reason, the business research process begins with a purpose to regain their reputation and credibility. They knew in their minds that consumers across the world were starting to lose faith in Toyota products. After carefully looking at the surveys submitted to consumers by Toyota Motor Corporation in 2010, it showed that over thirty-one percent Americans felt that their manufacture products were unsafe to drive (Cole, 2011).
Was the business research process followed in it’s entirely? The management did proceed with safe business practice, but they fail to correct the issue on-hand in a timely manner. They allowed several other recall issues to occur while correcting