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Archetype assignment
The god-teacher:
The person I chose to be my god-teacher is my old hockey coach Peter. I chose him because he has taught me everything I know about the game I love the most and that’s hockey. He has coached me for four or five years. He has taught me how to skate, how to shoot, and give good passes. He taught my team how to play fair to be a good teammate being a good person on and off the ice and how to support another when they were down. I will always remember coach peter because he has taught me so well and how to play good hockey.
Cataracts of heaven:
The thing I chose for the cataracts of heaven is my coach from last year coach Tim. The reason I chose him is because a lot of people didn’t like him very much. He was verbally abusive calling our team a disgrace and many more offensive words. He made our team feel very bad about ourselves and made us feel like a losing team which we were. He made us feel worse though with throwing his clipboard at us calling us dumb and not hockey players when were a rep team and many other mean words. I will remember Coach Tim as my first rep coach but I will never forget him about how mean he was to us.
Loss of innocence
For my loss of innocence I chose how my grandpa died when I was two years old. I don’t really remember my grandpa that much but I remember when he used to sneak us smarties when our mom wasn’t looking and my brother and I would have to go in the basement and eat them with our grandpa. I will always remember my grandpa because of the great times we had with him and how he showed he loved us.
In the relation of metamorphosis I chose the transformers movie because Shia