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TQM Principles and Performance Measures

Q1. Carry out an analysis consisting of the following steps:

1. Select an organization that produces products or delivers a service. 2. Study the organization structure, particularly the quality-related structure. 3. Review various TQM characteristics discussed in class. 4. Develop a tabular format and analyze all applicable TQM characteristics of the organization. Develop a rating scale to estimate the level of applicability of each TQM characteristic to the organization. 5. Discuss your finding and provide conclusion on the state of TQM in the organization.

Q2. Exercise No. 4 on pg. 151

Give an example of the use of the PDSA cycle in your personal
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Therefore we examined the data, determined the key contributors and then identified hardware solutions. The act cycle was also a part of the injector tick issue. We developed a workplan that defined the problem and identified root cause. This workplan also identified the key stakeholders and when an overall solution needed to be accomplished and agreed to with the program. Once a solution was identified the team created a prevent/recurrence plan to ensure this issue was addressed for the next diesel engine program.

Q3. Exercise No. 6 on pg. 203
Construct a Pareto diagram for the analysis of the following purchasing department quality costs of a major airline:

|Element |Dollars (Thousands) |
|Material replacement (3.2) |180 |
|Material reject (3.2) |120 |
|Receiving inspection (2.1) |95 |
|Measuring equipment (2.1) |60 |
|Supplier corrective action (3.2) |53 |
|Source inspection (2.1) |15 |