Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historical Site In Buffalo

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Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site Today I had the pleasure of taking a tour at the theater Roosevelt Inaugural National Historical Site in Buffalo. During my tour I was able to put myself in the mindset of the people in 1901. I was able to see exhibits showing the Pan-American Exposition and see the world from Theodore Roosevelt’s point of view. I was astonished to see all of the history that was right here in my city. It is too hard to say I had one single most favorite part of the tour. If I had to narrow it down I would say my favorite room was that in which Teddy Roosevelt took the oath of office. To really think about where you were standing in relation to where one of our nations greatest presidents once stood was mind blowing. I've been in the city almost every day for almost 3 years now and didn't even know what was right in front of me. Seeing the room in its original state, with the books and old furniture, I was able to infer how the people of the early 1900’s lived. My personal favorite part of the tour was the carriage ride back up Delaware Ave. to the Milburn House. While in this part of the tour, we heard a conversation between Theodore Roosevelt and one of the United States Senators. We heard Teddy Openly convey his feelings on everything from the sweatshops and poor city conditions to preserving the forests and creating national parks. it was eye opening to see how truly perceptive Teddy was. He also spoke about his time in combat and the adversity he had to overcome at that stage in his life. to me it was reassuring that he was so experienced in almost every aspect of life. During the tour, i came to the conclusion that Theodore Roosevelt was extremely intuitive, moralistic and insightful. I am certain that the people working at this national site have depicted…