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BUS 673: Managing in organisations

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ABC international bags company
Company overview ABC Company which mainly deals with the handmade bag in various fabric and colours. The company planning to make an international trade with New Zealand to import kiwi fruit and export handmade bag from Nepal while making a transit point in china because it’s near by a Nepal and New has a free trade agreement with china and new Zealand and more trading of commodities between china and new Zealand both of them so, it will optimize the trading cost of both countries product during the import as well as export. A company broadly success to export the bags inn other country like china, India, Hong Kong and some European countries.

Company profile

Company Name

ABC international Company

Business Address

Thankot 02,Kathmandu Nepal
Phone number

Branch office
Nepal, china, India, new Zealand and honking

Fax Number



Main Business

Nepali handmade bag-export
Kiwi fruit-import

Description about products

Handmade Bags:(import from Nepal to new Zealand)
In the context of Nepal handmade bag can take a big international market because we offer a varieties of wonderful handmade bags in various fabrics and colours. Product quality, range of designs and functionality are the main features of our bags. Whether it is fashionable ladies bags or monk bags or college bags or passport bags or camera bags, all you can find a varieties of bags made of wild fibber-hemp and nettle, soft cashmere suede leather in various embroidered cashmere designs, hand loomed woollen and light weight rubberized taffeta bags. This category also includes different design coin purses and accessories as well. (
Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi fruit has been grown in new Zealand in early phase around 1900 during that period the first seed was taken from china by a visiting school is in the form of a brown, fuzzy fruit, about the size of large egg, it leaves has around 7-12 centimetres in diameter where the flesh part is like a green or gold with a circle of tiny black seeds, sweet and slightly pungent. The vines need ripe soil, cover from the wind and assurance from ice. Female and male blooms develop on divided plants, so honey bees are regularly conveyed into the plantation to fertilize them. The pollinated blooms structure into kiwi fruit, which are reaped around may. They are picked up by hand and put into substantial packs, which are taken away for reviewing, pressing and putting away. Kiwi fruit shows up in the shops from April to December.(

Economic overview
Nepal is among the poorest and slightest created nations on the world, with around one-quarter of its population living below the property line. Nepal is highly depend on remittance which add up to as much as 22-25%of GDP. Farming is the backbone of the economy, giving a job to more than 70% of the population and representing a bit more than 33% of GDP. Modern action principally includes the preparing of agricultural items, includes pulses, jute, sugarcane, tobacco and grain.
Political risk
Nepal has a variable political systems which affect the Nepalese people to develop the livelihood. The impact of political instability has a major problem in Nepalese society so, Nepal depends upon the other country to utilize the development programme. Mainly china and India taken big market in Nepal because both of them close to the Nepal border.
Social demographic
Nepal has a multidimensional culture with different kinds of people. Such as Brahmin, chettri,