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Labor Laws and Unions Celotex Company HRM/531-Human Capital Management
By; Mallory Herring
November 12, 2012
Instructor; Ginny McMinn

This company makes shingles and also recycles paper, they make shingles which are sent all over to their customers that buy them and then resale to contractors or even individuals that would want to recover the roofs on their house or barn. The only legal issue or obstacle they would encounter is on the paper meal side because they have to recycle their own water and if this man made pond over flows they will have to call OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) so they are able to check to make sure that the damage is minimal and what they need to do to clean it up. Celotex has an open pond so not only that the water they recycle goes in their it will also get the rain water to fill this pond so they can prevent the over flow with the pond by having someone running the recycle plant twenty four hours a day so they will not have to worry about the pond over flowing.
Benefits of joining the union The benefit of the union everyone will get paid the same amount depending on what job they are doing, and when the company sends out raises all of the employee’s get the same amount of raise instead of some of them getting ten cent and some getting twenty five cents. The union is set in place to help the entire employee staff whether it is legal or ethical. They negotiate the firing of an employee in making shore they went through the right process before they are let are fired, the union will also negotiate when the raises will take place and how much each raise will be when the time come. Union bargaining can have a good effect on an organization and also a bad. The good is keeping their employees working and making shore everyone is…