Trades: Masonry and Power Tools Essay

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Brick and Stone Mason

1. Prepare and lay bricks, concrete blocks, stone, and other masonry units to construct and repair structures.
2. Interprets drawings and blueprints, uses hand tools, knows about the different mortars and bonding materials and applies it to various jobs. Works with coworkers well and also works well independently. Uses hammers and chisels or saws to make the brick fit.
3. You do not need a certificate of apprenticeship in this trade but it is recommended.
4. Brick and Stone Masons usually work full time, sometimes outdoors and sometimes on scaffolding, or inside. Some Mason works for a contractor or are self-employed.
5. $23.00-$28.00 an hour. Overtime is usually a option
6. Yes.
Cement Mason
1. Directs the pouring of concrete and the smoothing of it once it’s poured.
2. Good communication, directing the placement of the concrete onto the forms. Repairing or replacing damaged concrete. Operating hand and power tools. Applying safety rules to the job
3. Cement mason does not require a certificate of apprenticeship but is recommended.
4. Cement Masons are employed in the construction sector. Cement masons may work inside or outside and may be required to lift heavy objects. Usually work 35-40 hours a week.
5. $16.00-$32.00 an hour. Potential for overtime.
6. Maybe.
1. A roofer installs, repairs, and replaces roofs. They also provide water weather proofing.
2. Interpreting drawings and manuals. Working well with co-workers. You must be in good physical condition. Using hand tools and power tools. Setting up manual and power hoists.
3. Preferably secondary school diploma which is usually required by employers. Grade 10 is the legal age to be apprenticed in this trade.
4. The work is seasonal and you are usually employed by roofing contractors or the union. You can expect days off due to bad weather, being unable to work.
5. $13.00-$28.00 an hour. Opportunities for overtime or benefits.
6. Yes.
Restoration Mason
1. Performs similar work as a cement mason or a bricklayer. They do work on old heritage buildings and monuments.
2. Making mortar, using hand and power tools,