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Explain how to update your computer operating system.

Explain how to update your computer operating system.

Computers are playing important role in today’s society, and have become commonplace for people like work place and home. In order to enjoy full command, fast browsing, updating your operating system on regular basis with the latest security patches, updates, and drivers is very much needed to keep your computer free from viruses and other security threats. Upgrading the operational system enhances the speed of computer because the designer generally uses new technology and design techniques to increase the speed. That can make computing more enjoyable. The design and redesigning of the operation system ensures for the smooth functioning of computer and ease of access and new tools to take advantage of newer technology that can make computing more enjoyable. Updating old operational system is also important because old operational system does not support newer file formats, video/media players, sounds and word processing documents.

Before updating the Operational System get a back-up drive to save all your important data on a USB external hard drive. Defragment the hard disks. Compress all files until there are no fragmented files on your drives and make new folder for the upgraded operational system that is to be installed.

Reboot your computer once the back-up files are stored on an external hard drive. Insert the upgrade disk in the CD drive and follow the commands by answering all the questions that are asked by the installation program and say “yes or accept” all the default values. Reboot your computer once the update of operating system is completed. Restore all yours backed up files and data in case some were lost or changed during the installation of the upgrade. Reboot