Traditional Dance Research Paper

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What occupation has the highest divorce rates? The first occupations that might have come to mind were a lawyer, teacher, or fireman. Well out of all these first thoughts, not one made the top 10 occupations with high divorce rates. Reevaluating your thoughts? Well let me “Direct” you towards facts instead of fantasies. Caught the hint? No?
Well, out of a data set of 511 occupations the top 10 with high divorce rates are:
1. Dancers and choreographers
2. Bartenders
3. Massage therapists
4. Gaming cage workers
5. Extruding and forming machine setters, operators, and tenders
6. Gaming service workers
7. Food and tobacco operators and tenders
8. Telephone operators
9. Textile operators and tenders
10. Nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides
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Well plan to prance alone. You think that everyone loves you while you’re moving your body hypnotizing people, but how long will that last? Should choreographers be defined as innocent former professional dancers who create new dance routines and performances, or a former professional who creates new dance routines and performances to commit adultery? If you’re thinking about marrying a dancer or choreographer you might want to rethink again? Dancer and choreographers have the highest divorce rates out of 511 occupations and the rate on average is 43.05.
Bartenders, you’re not too far away from dancers and choreographers. You think spiking someone’s drink is the way to get them to commit to marry you. Well once they become sober and come to a sense of mind they’re leaving you. Bartenders have a divorce rate of 38.43