Essay Traditional Job Outweighed by Entrepreneurship

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Traditional employment and becoming an Entrepreneur have a lot of differences, and I have had the luxury of experiencing those differences first hand. For starters, with a trditional job there are always bosses to answer to, and owning your own business means you are the boss. Also, when you work for yourself, you get to choose the people you work with. Most importantly, when you own your own business, you are working for the success of your future, not working to insure that someone above you has a solid future. Although I have had many jobs, one stands out from the rest. I worked for the State of Florida as a Correctional Officer at Union Correctional Institution. After that did not pan out the way I would have liked it to, My husband and I started our own nationwide shipping company called Streamline Xpress. I got to learn the ins out outs of running a business first hand; moreover, I got to see how rewarding the freedom of being my own boss was. It would be beneficial for anyone who has the means to start their own business, to do so, and get away from the repetative grind of a traditional job. First of all, being your own boss verses having a boss is such a fulfilling feeling. When I worked at the prison there was always someone to report to, Even if it were something as simple as my office chair squeaking, I would have to fill out a maintence sheet and give it to my seargent. While, when working for myself, if the office chair squeaked, we either fixed it or dealt with it. It was on us to make the dicision as to what to do with the chair. When it came to more serious issues, we as the owners, would always ask for input and ideas from our employees on what the best solution would be. We made it a team effort, which made everyone feel of importance. Also, being my own boss meant there was nobody breathing down my neck telling me what was right or wrong. I ultimately lost my job at the prison because I disagreed with my seargent; Not because I did something wrong, but because I stuck up for myself when I believed I was right. When I became the boss of others, I vowed to not let this happen to them, as I believe everyone has a right to their opinion, and as long as they were not obsene or outlandish, everyones oppinion was definitly taken into consideration. Another reason being my own boss was better than having one, is because if I needed time off, I could take it. Wheras, at the prison, I would have to put the appropriate paperwork in, and wait for it to make its way through the chain of command, with the hopes that it came back with "approved"…