Traditional Marketing Essay

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Traditional marketing is a great way to start building publicity for my website. The methods used under traditional marketing can help get more visitors to my website by implementing six clever steps. These steps not only improve visitor numbers but also keep them coming back. In addition, it contributes to increasing my target audience. The very first step is to execute organic search engine optimization. This means changing and enhancing keywords on your website that I have anticipated visitors will search for in the industry provided. Ultimately, this will improve my website traffic and keep the word spreading about my website. The second step is to implement an email-marketing plan where I would email friends and family about my website and its business. This will establish a system of information being sent to potential customers especially when having friends working in different industries. Furthermore, conducting research on my target audience and then emailing them about products and services my company provides which customers will visit my website. The third step is sending newsletters via postal service with specials and specials promotions. This adds incentive to visit the website for deals and promotions. Fourth step is event marketing, where customers can come to an event promoting the website and come and meet associates and personnel. This helps in networking, contracts, and establishing relationships with potential clients. The fifth step is