Traffic: Health and Leisure Time Essay

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Standard Academic Essay Outline Form
Five-Paragraph Essay
The Three Parts of the Academic Essay:
I) Introduction.II) Body.III) Conclusion.
I. Introduction:
General statement In nowadays(Today), people have more leisure time than they used to, and have more types of things to do to spend their leisure time, so how to make good use of leisure time become more and more important.
Thesis statement Ways people spend their leisure time various from one to another. Some people may live without good habit and suffering that . However, some may contribute to your success.
Lead in sentence(background)_From all over the world, people only have to work five days a week, eight hours a day, or even less at the present. This is a striking difference from the past, when they had to work six days or even seven days a week, with a longer period of shift. The present situation leaves people a great amount of free time. This free time is even more lengthened by the modern facilities available to make life more convenient and less time-consuming.

II. Body:
A. Topic sentence People spend their leisure time differently 1. Supporting point _Some people spend their free time wandering around aimlessly, others spend their free time enjoying themselves with some unhealthy activities like gambling, drinking alcohol, watching unhealthy records, and even fighting. a. Supporting detail __ b. Supporting detail __________________________ 2. Supporting point Still others devote their time to strengthening their health by taking part in a variety of games and sports and improving their thinking by reading books and discussing with others. _ a. Supporting detail ___ _____ b. Supporting detail ___ ____________ c. Supporting detail____________________________
It goes without saying that people spend their leisure time differently.

B. Topic sentence Making good use of leisure time contributes a lot to one’s success._ 1. Supporting point _It is widely accepted that success is not a mystery that is based on pure luck, but on 90% hard work and 10% good luck. But only those with the experience of hard work can receive the rare chance of that 10% good luck. It is also well-known that sound health is one of the key factors to secure a success._ a. Supporting