Traffic in the Campus Essay

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College is totally different from high school in terms of campus size, course selection and the number of student involved. During the orientation, it was interesting that most of students primly used their smartphone as GPS to find the direction in the campus. A lot of students decided to take the bus because it’s a convenient way to get the right place. However, students usually become frustrated to wait for buses due to the horrible traffic jam. School could set up simple traffic lights on the intersection to solve the problem.
It is always very crowded on the 10th street nearby the Hodge Hall in the afternoon. Many students wait for bus at the library stop. Unfortunately, there’s a construction making the traffic horrible. Many students walk cross the street in front of the Hodge Hall because there’s no traffic signal. Drivers are gently waiting for the stream of people to cross the street; nevertheless, the line of people who wait for the bus coming are standing so long at the stop. Buses are usually blocked at the Hodge Hall’s intersection, and they move super slow just like turtles. It takes each bus about 10minutes to cross this intersection. Since the waiting time is always pretty long, and the crowds mass along the bus stop, people cannot always fit into one bus at a time, and those who cannot get onto the bus are upset because they need to wait for the next one.
Each person has to wait about 15 to 20 minutes in average on weekdays at the library stop, even