Traffic Model paper

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With the situation we have here are six intersections they all have different level amounts of traffic flow in each lane.When looking at intersection, one has an equation of 450+400=a+f which then is 850=a+f. Then with intersection two has an equation of a+g=b+350, then it is a+g-b=350. Now with intersection three has an equation of b+300=450+c after you combine like terms it becomes b-c=150. With the forth intersection has an equation of 500+c=300+d, after you combine terms it then becomes 200=d-c. As we look at the fifth intersection equation is 350+d=g+e which then becomes g+e-d=350 and finally intersection six has an equation of f+e=350+500, which becomes f+e=900. The traffic must have a smooth continuous flow, which means that the number going in is equal to what is coming out to account for all traffic in the lanes. With the first thing that has to do is use to Gaussian Method to get the correct equations with the given problem in the traffic model. One the matrices has been completed it will then end up with intersection of one being 850-f which was 450+400=a+f. Then with intersection two being 500-f+g before the Gaussian method when it was a+g=b+350. Now with the third intersection went from b+300=450+c to becoming 350-f+g after the Gaussian method was used on this section.As we now move to the forth intersection is now turned into 550-f+g when it was 500+c=300+d before hand.Then with the fifth intersection after the Gaussian method it is 900-f when it was 350+d=g+e before. Now when we look at the last intersection witch is six before the Gaussian method it was f+e=350+500 and now it has turned into 350-f+g after. The variables f and g came out as independent variables so they continuously change. Maple street is the street that is between intersection five and six in order to keep traffic flowing the flow of traffic has to be greater than three hundred and fifty cars and less than nine hundred cars because if it is less than that you will not have a continuous flow of traffic in the lane and if it is more than that, then you will have congestion on the streets instead of continues flow of traffic. Now if g=100 then we can only have the maximum value for f could only be 450, because then if 350-f+g is the equation you start…