Essay on Trafficking: Human Trafficking and Main Age

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Today I am going to talk to you about prostitution, but in particular I am going to talk about raising awareness on child sex trafficking. For those who don't know child sex trafficking is where children under 18, mainly girls, are forced into prostitution either by getting kidnapped from families, but generally being sold by the families because they are in need of money, the girls are treated as possessions and are controlled and exploited. The reason for my choice of topic today, is because everyday you hear about crimes such as murder or theft, but never do you hear the billions of occurrences each year in the media about child trafficking.

Over 27 million people as of this year are slaves today 50% being children and 80% female. In the US human trafficking generates $9.5 billion yearly, with approximately 300,000 children at risked of being trafficked yearly. The main age of girls, who are trafficked are generally aged 13-14 and on average are forced to have sex 20-40 times daily!

Most of these kids are beaten, starved, and the obvious raped. After a year or two of this occurring, most girls are experiencing death or permanent injury. If there was the small chance of them escaping or being rescued, they are unfortunately too psychologically damaged and have long time depression or commit suicide. Child trafficking also has massive effects of family. Most families who have sent there daughters for money are generally very ashamed of themselves, although on the