Train and Nice Open Grass Essay

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What started as a normal Sunday of church followed by a round of golf, and a patriots game, got exciting when I was offered to go dove hunting for my first time. Chris, Justin and I met up at the river bottom and found a place to set up. There was a nice open grass field so we sat close to the corn, doves aren't very smart so hiding isn't needed. We placed our decoys out in the open and sat to wait. The odds between us were fairly uneven as Justin and I had pump action shot guns, but Chris had a semi-auto with him. Justin and I also only had modified chokes in, while Chris had his Patternmaster choke in. Patternmaster's offer a tighter spread of shot and increased range. Needless to say Chris had us beat so he sat in the middle. After a few hours we downed a few birds, and killed some insects with excessive force, but our spot wasn't attracting to many birds. After two hours we only had three doves and a barn swallow shot by accident to show for our efforts. So we moved to a spot in the trees just off the railroad tracks, with our decoys on the tracks for visibility. This spot was substantially better it was a little more cover and a downed tree offered a footrest for us to use with our chairs. We doubled our keep in the first half hour at the new spot. To pass the time we were doing the usual guy thing, drinking pop and talking about guy stuff of any sort, with the occasional break to open fire on defenseless doves. Just as a couple doves came in we began to hear this low rumbling sound, at first we dismissed it as nothing to worry about as another one of our friends drove by in his car with loud exhaust. But it persisted and was growing louder so finally I decided to check it out. So I stood up and looked out an around the bush to my right. Immediately I spotted a very large problem. There was a train coming about a quarter of a mile away. Instinct kicked in and I ran out on the tracks shouting, “TRAIN” at the other two. I got there in time, grabbed one of our two decoys while Justin raced for the other one. We both raced back off the tracks to our chairs and turned to see Chris trying to get a pop can to sit on the rail to flatten it under the train barreling down the