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HCS/490 Health Care Consumer – Trends and Marketing
October 22, 2013 Communication Communication between a patient and their health care provider is of upmost importance in order to ensure the best care is offered. With the new technological advancements today, there are many modes of communication available. As health care becomes more reliant on electronic records and electronic communication, methods of interaction between patient and health care provider will change. Many health care facilities have moved to a web based communication method with their patients. These web based applications allow patients to view their personal records, test results, current prescriptions, upcoming appointments and even financial information. These applications also allow for email communication between medical staff and the patient. It is a convenient way for both patient and health care provider to communicate in a HIPAA compliant forum. Having electronic access to your health care team is a great benefit for a patient. It allows for communication to be relayed back and forth at the time best convenient to each party. Not only does this save time from but it also saves the patient money as this communication can take place without an appointment with their physician. Also, it is beneficial for the patient to have their medical records available to them at any time. When using this mode of communication, patient confidentiality is protected as there is no discussion to be overheard. However, communication is available to all who have access to the medical records from the health care facility. The HIPAA regulations require that electronic records only be accessible by authorized users who have a password to access this information. Therefore, PHI is protected and patient confidentiality is upheld. Effective communication is a positive result to this communication method as the patient has information in writing which alleviates misunderstandings and confusion. If a patient is unclear about anything transmitted electronically, they can send a message to their health care provider and ask for clarification. It is easier at times, to ask questions that could be sensitive in nature, when a patient is not face to face with their provider. This allows for those questions to be answered without embarrassment and ensures more effective communication. Other modes of communication such as telephone calls or appointments require both parties to be available at the same time. Our lives today have become complicated and do not allow for much time to coordinate schedules for simple communication. Other modes of communication also do not allow for written documentation that can be referred back to if needed. Web based communication is the best mode of communication that benefits both parties. Using web based communication methods allows for health care professionals to connect with their patients through social media. It is possible to create virtual groups to support and encourage each other. Physicians can hold meetings or informational seminars through social media