Training and Evaluation Essay

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Training and evaluation is a must

There is no other way to make sure new employees have the skills they need without having a training program for them when they start at the facility or move to another position. In the same way it is important to make sure the new and employees are competent. We do this by testing every potential employee and by evaluating their work. In health care this is more important because we have an obligation to care for people. Without the proper training we could not do that effectively. When other people’s vitality is at risk it is risky business hiring someone new.
Testing potential employees is the best way to weed out the people who are unstable, unreliable or just not intelligent enough for the position. Testing potential employees is simple and takes little time on the part of the human resources department. Testing can be done at official testing facilities or at the facility in which they are applying. Testing things like intelligence level, typing speed and competence in the positions duties is very common. Once these tests are done they can be compared to other potential employees and the best looking tested people can be given an interview. The interview itself is a test of the employee’s competence. When in an interview many things will be reveled to the employer that they cannot get from testing. One of those things is stability. Will this person be reliable stable and effective in their position? We need to know those things because it is a waste of time to hire someone who is not going to be there for work. Drug testing is one important part of this process in an interview. Most people who take drugs are not stable and it is dangerous to put an unstable person in the work force.
After someone has gotten hired their training ensues. When a person is hired in we cannot expect them to know everything about their position because even if they have had training in another facility that does not mean that the other facility used the same systems and had the same duties for the position that they were brought into in the new facility. Many times employees may have training or been educated to do the job duties that the facility is requiring, but every facility is different and there are some things that education does not cover with their students about how to do their job. In health care we have to make sure that everything is covered so there is little opportunity for mistakes because one mistake can cost someone a lot of money, time, and unneeded testing. The better informed a person is the more likely they are to succeed in their position.
After a person has been in their position for a while they need to be evaluated to make sure that the training gave them all of the information that they needed. This is done by watching the employee for a period of time to make sure that they are doing everything the way that they are expected to. If they are a new employee we can sometimes expect that there are going to be areas that will need to be focused on more diligently. Sometimes we