Training Children And Pets Essay

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“Training children and pets“

The main objective of the first case is to find a method with reinforcement because we want positive behavior, as fast as possible. In order to obtain positive behavior, we need a stimulus or an item. First of all, we can use positive reinforcement to achieve the behavior we are looking for small child. We will need a stimulus to help her to forget what she wants at this moment, and try to make her think about the situation. If a child becomes aware of the stimulus, it may stop her fury to get the benefits. As an example I am using situation, which had place in my life. During last summer I went with my mom and two small brothers to tennis practice. After practice our mother decide that we are going to shopping center, because she need to buy gift for grandmother’s birthday. Boys were tired after practice and they started to shout “We do not want to go to the shopping center !“. Mom said that there is no discussion, because we have to buy this gift. Marek and Jaan were still shouting that they do not want to go there. They showed unacceptable behavior. Then mom said, if they will stop and go with us, they would be albe to play on Ipad on the way home. They immediately stopped their wrong behavior and went silently to the shopping center with us. In my opinion it is a good example of positive reinforcement, because when mom has proposed them reward they quickly change behavior. On the way home I could observe example of negative reinforcement. As mom decided before as a reward they got Ipad to play during travel to home. At the beginning boys were playing together, sharing Ipad every few minutes. but... After 20 minutes we had huge war in the car, Marek and Jaan were fighting with each other and shouting so loud. Mom was not able to drive, it was really dangerous situation so I decided to take Ipad and try to stop their wrong behavior. In my opinion this is very good example of negative reinforcement, because by taking Ipad I stopped boys bad behavior. In the second case, we have to consider that dogs cannot reason like humans do, so we have to use different strategies to shape their behavior. If we want to modify dogs behavaior we have to use positive reinforcer, we have to reward him for good behavior or executed command. For example if dog starts to bark we should stay in front of him