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Composition 1
Summary Exercise
14 September 2013
Training Day with the Largo Fire Explorers
Lieutenant Andrew Dixon is a veteran of 20 years with the Largo Fire Department in
Florida, on his time off, he is in charge of the Largo Fire Rescue charted Fire Explorer Post #941. This great program, is been given the opportunity, for almost twenty years, to hundreds of young adult, interested of pursue a carrier on emergency services, to take their first steps.
This interview took place in the training facility of the Largo Fire Rescue, where we have the opportunity to witness, same of the training, this future firefighter go through.
First of all, we want to thanks Lieutenant Dixon for the opportunity of this interview.
- Lieutenant, tells us what kind of training the Explorers perform? We try to make it very diverse, included basic firefighting knowledge and skills, medical training, physical endurance, and other topics related to the fire service.
- What kind of equipment have the Explorers access to? First, we provide then with all the safety gear, just like any other firefighter. Then they have supervised access to all kinds of equipment, from fire hoses, ladders to firetrucks.
- How long you been in charge of the program,and what is your personal opinion about it? I been with the program for about three years know, and I really believe that we offering a very unique possibility for this young men and women to develop skill to be use in the future, and also they learn the principles of rank structure,…