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Training objectives Training Guide for Healthcare
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Performance Review
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Wendy Warren
November 10,2014
Deb Stock

One of the objectives of this company is to help employees in the healthcare field understand the importance of communications, measuring performance and how human resources are there for the employee. Our goal with this training is to provide an employee with the tools necessary to be successful by providing the employee with clear and consistent performance reviews that will help aid the employee to be productive professionally and personally. This company believes that when an employee is given the appropriate tools to be successful then they will help the organization be successful..
A healthcare professional is trained to perform their job as

needed. Our goal is to provide the employee with the tools to be able to assist the other healthcare professionals by applying their skills properly, working within the legal boundary’s as stated by their individual state and licensing while being personally successful working within the organization. Human Resources management is working with employees to improve professionally by providing continued medical education programs and opportunities, providing a safe work environment free from any discrimination or prejudice, and fair and equal employment opportunities.
This company will be doing annual performance reviews which are not done exclusively once a year but may occur several times thought-out the year. These reviews will be looking at measurable results and non-measurable results.
The non-measurable results will be focused on manager observation and peer reviews along with employee selfevaluations.

Aiming for success While aiming to provide a fair and consistent approach to employee engagement and development, workplace competencies will be reviewed. Competencies are arranged into a framework that brings together a number of job roles and the required capabilities that the job holder must possess or acquire in order to perform his/her job effectively.
Each competency consists of knowledge, skill, ability or personal characteristics, sometimes in combination. The focus will move away from formal qualifications and career history and toward proven capability to do the job as demonstrated through recorded workplace experience or tests designed to assess an individual’s capabilities that directly relate to the job (Dillon, 2014).

Tools for performance

Through providing the employee with the tools to perform at their peak ability this company believes that each individual will gain knowledge of the company and their abilities, grow in desire to do an excellent job and be given the chance to gain professionally as well as personally.

Gossip and Other Personal Habits
Personal Appearance/Grooming
Manager Appraisal


(Hakala, 2008)
Manager reviews

(Newsham, 2012)

Cost effectiveness

ing, and to give their measurable, objective feedback on performance. Through these methods the reviews and the training to follow will be monitored and