Essay on Training in Hospitality

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Training in Hospitality

Jiapan Niu
Dr. Ali Green
HMD 259
Section 1004

There are some disadvantages in hospitality employee training, but the training in hospitality industry is still very important. The training of employment is related to the efficiency, abilities, and attitude for customers. Based on the article “The Impact of Employee Training on Job Satisfaction and Intention to stay in the Hotel Industry” the training is the key point of employments’ chooses about still stay in hotel or leave and also the level of job satisfaction (Chun Fang, Ki Joon, & Deborah D.2005). The hotels and managers should decide carefully about what to train, when should train, how to train and who will need to accept the training. If a manager is not carefully to decide the questions I mentioned, it is will lead to employee will have low passion to job even some good employees will leave the hotel never back.
As for human resource, the training still has some problems. Firstly, there is a crack between the expectations and perceptions. Secondly, there is no a specific way to exam the quality of training (Chun Fang, Ki Joon, & Deborah D.2005). Because of those problems, the human resource in hospitality has big challenge in training field. The HR people must have good experience on the employee training and also can discern the tiny change in employees’ mind. It is hard to know the quality of training level is suit for the hotel.
Most of hotel and casino don’t want to train the temporary employment, because the training of employment need time, money and so on. It is a kind of an investment for a hotel. Therefore, the hotel and casino need take the return into consideration (Sobaith.2011). Most of temporary employment just work for the hotel as a short time, there is not too much benefit for a hotel. If a hotel spends a lot of money and time to train a temporary employment, they maybe lose their benefit or just make a little bit money. On the other hand, Sobaith (2011) thinks the temporary employments have low passion, low interesting for training. Long term employments love the hotel culture and stay in a long time in the hotel; they have higher passion and interesting than temporary employment.
In a hotel or casino, the temporary employees are not a small group. I think this is also a disadvantage of employee training in human resource. Those temporary employees without training to serve customers maybe will bring bad influence for hotel. If they less skill and less good communication with customers, it is will leave bad impression for the hotel in customers’ mind. Yeh (2012) found out most hotel have no ethic training for employees. This is another disadvantage in today’s hospitality training.
Training is most important task for human resource department. In hospitality, a hotel leave an impression for customers, half is about the decoration, half is the