Training Key Areas Essay

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Training Key Areas
September 12 2015
HRM 326
Donna Wyatt

Training Key Areas
Training for employees on key areas are the foundation for well-prepared workforce and will lead to a stable structured organization. The main objective of this type of training is to help to illustrate the importance of training and why achieving the proposed goals is so important for the success not only of the employee but of the entire company.
The purpose of this training is to identify three key training areas and explain the importance of each, taking into a consideration the benefits, along with how the training will meet professional, personal and motivational employee needs.
Legal requirements Before training programs are
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Therefore, every trainee, regardless of condition, is given and equal and fair opportunity to grow, learn and contribute to the company goals.
Sometimes employees are more likely to express more freely their self when the training is provided outside of the office, or during any type of nontraditional training environment i.e. confidence building obstacle courses, company picnics or outside activities. Employers arrange these types of trainings to achieve an effective learning experience, ensuring proper safety for the employees since any outside activity may cause a potential injury. The employer is liable if warnings are not expressed before the training, or prior the activity to be perform, the company also has the responsibility to ensure that all the participant employees are competent to do so. One of the most important trainings the employee could receive is about their confidentially. Employees must know that companies are liable if the proper training documentation is not filled, or if the company shared the employee training documents with other employees or used the training documentation to perform performance evaluations.
Importance of Diversity Training
Companies’ goals are set every year, and one of the main goals is to grow and embrace the changes on the economy, once the company starts growing, the employees experience an increase not only in the