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Training Methods Utilized and Why
Static stretching is done to achieve and maintain extreme flexibility. Dynamic flexibility will be done in all three planes of motion and will be the basis for all power, balance and strengthening movements and to help prevent injuries. Gymnasts need extreme control of their body in many out of the ordinary positions and these two types of flexibility will assist in accomplishing this goal.
Core training is a critical part of a gymnasts training. The core muscles are the most important and are the center and base of every movement made in this sport. A strong core will allow for steady, smooth/fluid, and strong movements. Core and balance training will be done simultaneously because the core is where balance stems from. Throughout the training the core will be engaged with every movement.
In a floor routine gymnasts require a ton of power to do tumbling passes. We will train for power moves with things like plyometrics and different jumping variations. Because this sport and event requires a lot of turns and rotations with jumps mixed in we will also be training the body in all three planes of motion at all different height levels (low, medium and high).
Strength training for gymnasts is different from all other athletes. Strength training will be done mostly with body weight and will be trained in the different motions and movements that will be done. Gymnasts do not need brute one rep max…