Essay on Training as a Problem Solving Tool

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Answer: 1:The Model of Training Processes Serves as a Problem-Solving Tool

Training can be defined as a process which brings an employee to an acceptable and decided standard of talent and skills through teaching and making them learn via guidance. Training helps the employee to perform the task better by gaining the required knowledge, skills and attitudes. Training enhances the understanding of employees; and gives them a scope to analyze and explore their own present knowledge and abilities. Training is a participative process in which participation takes place between the trainer and the trainee. Trainer is an expert and can impart knowledge whereas trainee is the learner to whom knowledge will be imparted. Both the
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Step 4: Implement: This is the stage where the plans are put into action. That means the design and the development stage of the model are executed and the training program is instigated. The training program is being delivered. One thing that has to be taken care of is that the trainer should be very effective so that the training program becomes successful. A proper setup is being created where the trainers and trainee both interact in the practical scenario. Once the training program is being delivered then the feedback regarding the effectiveness of the program is being collected from the trainees.
Step 5: Evaluate: The feedback collected in the above step becomes the base for the evaluation stage. This stage is the most crucial stage as the feedback analysis helps the organizers to design other training programs. Evaluation determines the effectiveness and efficiency of the training program. Evaluation helps to analyze the difference between the changes that has taken place by delivering the training program. That means in this stage a review of whether the training