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Tram Tang The Cost of Beauty
Every women in the United State participates in a daily beauty, whether she likes or not. Engulfed by a popular cultural saturated with images of idealized. Women and girls represent the beauty. So, they can’t run away by physical beauty. This problem is not new, but the extent to which it is invading the lives of young girls and women is an increasing problem. The pressure to achieve unrealistic physical beauty is an undercurrent in the lives of virtually all women in the United States. So, they spend any cost to change themselves. As a result, many women feel chronically insecure not only their health but also their face skin. I want to protect the women choosing to wear makeup more often than woman who doesn’t. I love when women express their personality through makeup. Since I identify as a makeup lover, I put a lot of effort into doing my makeup every morning. Sometimes the only reason girls wear makeup to attract guys and sometimes even other girls. For the reason that when I have makeup on, I feel confident and it give me that extra confident. Therefore, that’s all I need for a long day. In fact, many women say that they wear makeup because it makes them feel confident about themselves. They explain that they feel more polished, prepared to meet the public and more attractive. In some case, some people can’t get out the house without makeup with at least some cosmetic like foundation, blush, mascara, or lipstick because they don’t want others to see their health and level of fatigue. Moreover, women who are past a certain age rely on cosmetic to make them look younger. Some cosmetic can help to soften wrinkles and reduce fine lines. With this skillful application, women can erase years from their face. On the other hand, if you’re not careful with your application, makeup can actually make you look even older, so you’ve got to make sure you have the right products and know how. So, a little makeup may help woman confident and look younger in minutes
However, wearing makeup too much lead to a lot of effect on women’s skin. On skin has collagen and it can help renew skin after your skin are damaged. Therefore, some people’s experiences show that side effect from wearing cosmetic such as lipstick, mascara, foundation, or powder can havoc your skin. Chemicals found in many of these product can reactions that undermine your beauty and damage your skin. Most teen girls and adult women who suffer from acne develop are relationship with their makeup. You rely on it to help cover up acne pimples. In contrast, it can actually create more of the blemishes you are trying to conceal and it can make pimple flare up more and more. When I get a pimple, I cover it by powder and then my face look bad. In consequence, wearing makeup can be threaten to your skin.