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Tranquility Do you have a special room in your house where you go to relax? After coming home from a long day of work and school my bathroom is where I lose my thoughts and rejuvenate for the next day. I view my bathroom as my personal spa. Even if it is only for a moment, I enjoy my time in this room. What relax me are the aromas of lavender scented candles that I have around the Jacuzzi and both vanities. The flower smell of bath salts that I poor in to the water makes my nostril dance. I get an alluring feel of spring when I am in this room, from the vibrant shades of pink and purple decoration throughout the room. From the flames of the candle and the warm heat lamp in the ceiling I get a warm and cozy feeling. I have soothing jazz playing in the background. Lastly I enjoy listening to the blissful sound water flowing of the jets. My bathroom is where I escape realities and enter a state of total relaxation, calmness, peace, and tranquility. When I enter into my bathroom the serenity begins. I start to smell a sweet uplifting aroma from the four purple heart shaped, four pink medium square candles I have around the Jacuzzi and four white small square candles I have on the two vanities. I always light all the candles in my spa to enhance the sweet fruity smell. There is a large translucent picture window that allows the radiant sunlight, which reflects rainbow colors around the room. The radiating flames that spark and crackle from the candles give me a warm and cozy feeling. Sometimes the flames flicker or they will blaze up high. I also pour some divine scented bath salts in the water, and lavender bath oil which makes the water soft and supple. My spa experience is heavenly. Once I enter into my beautiful bathroom I see a vibrant shad of pink tiles with light pink flowers on every other tile. The wall to the right is grey with a large oval shaped mirror that has a white frame. On the grey wall to the left I have a decorative art painting of violet, magenta and white roses that brighten up the room. On the window sill I have spring color flowers in a white ceramic flower pot. There are his and hers pink vanities with grey ceramic tile around them, two pink showers all with silver and gold fixtures. The focal point of my bathroom is the Whirl Pool; it is pink with six jets that ripple out crisp, clean aqua. I have grey tiles