Transcendentalism In Civil Disobedience

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ing a simple life, truth found in nature, personal emotion, and imagination. Transcendentalists stressed the American ideas of optimism, freedom, and self reliance”( Houghton Mifflin
Harcourt 468). Transcendentalists three main ideas are God, nature, and humans. They would often write about these three ideas. Transcendentalists are also the people who lived simple lives, they seen the good in people, they made the most out of life, and they are all also non-conformists. A non-conformists is one who does not follow generally accepted beliefs, customs, or practices. Civil Disobedience was written by Henry David Thoreau. He wrote Civil Disobedience because he didn’t think we should have a government. Thoreau argues that government rarely
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In Civil Disobedience Henry David Thoreau says “that government is best which governs not at all”(565) when he says this he is stating that the when government is not involved that things are better. That is an example of transcendentalism also because they are wanting individualism.
Thoreau talks about how everyone should be able to vote. When Thoreau talks about the government he mentions“Your money or your life” (572). I see this as an example of transcendentalism because it shows a simple life. This is saying that you don't need money to have a good life, you don't need the most expensive things, because material things won't make you happy. Henry David Thoreau was a transcendentalists who didn't need money or material things. This is one thing that differs from the world today. People today are to worried about material things and money. On Civil Disobedience was written by Mohandas K. Gandhi. On Civil Disobedience related to
Civil Disobedience because they both talked about nature, simple lives, individualism, self-reliant. “No country has ever become, or will ever become, happy through victory in war. A nation does not rise that way, it only falls further ”(Gandhi 577). This quote means that that