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Pay the Players

College athletics has gained a lot of attention in the American public over the years. From very small children to the eldest in the family, everyone is watching the game when it comes on. Resulting in revenues sky-rocketing for the NCAA (National Collegiate Athlete Association and for thousands of schools. In which fuelled the major debate of whether college athletes should be compensated for the revenues of their names. Thousands are already getting paid, but not everyone is being compensated equally. Athletes are the heartbeat of the NCAA. Despite the success of tournaments held every winter, athletes do not receive any compensation. Many like to argue that the NCAA will lose its integrity by paying its “Amateur” athletes of the intercollegiate level. The NCAA is banking revenues from apparel to having a series of video games of various sports; Hell even Women’s basketball had a videogame. Athletes are the faces of schools and bring in money, yet get not a single dime of it from the school. Many players don’t have a job nor have the time for one, yet still get no help from the NCAA with a legal from of payment. How is this fair? It cant be and its not, this is simply classified as unethical and unfair.

However, even other students with scholarships getting paid when they are asked to play/work for the school, why not Athletes too? This is because Athletes have become the face of schools and attract students simply because of the sports. For example, Alabama has won countless championships in the past 10 years and everyone wants to praise “Bama Football”. Indiana University is another example. A powerhouse in basketball and all schools know this across the country. When NCAA was still creating video games many kids didn’t know who these athletes were and would wonder, “who is #17”? How are they supposed to know, look it up on the computer and it will show the athlete. Yet, they don’t even get the proper recognition on a video game when they go to play as themselves. On the other hand, not all schools are known for prestigious sports or have plaques of players who went pro, but very few schools speak of being great in academics and sports. Which results in many high school seniors to choose another school over Harvard, even if they did get in.

On the other hand, paying these athletes would subsidize the whole